Review: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Is A Must Watch

Review:  Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Is A Must Watch

The year’s most awaited movie for Pokemon fans is finally out and has already proved to be the greatest video game movie ever made!

That’s Pokemon: Detective Pikachu for you all. The first live action Pokemon film is an exceptionally endearing roller-coaster ride amazingly packed with a super cuddly yellow CGI electric mouse who goes on to get together with humans in a chase to crack a mysterious case. And though we are sure you know this fact but we will still present it in a deservingly dramatic manner – Ryan Reynolds was undoubtedly the best decision by the makers for Pokemon’s voice. The brilliant actor goes many levels up so far as his comic timing and inspirational energy are concerned, as compared to Deadpool.

The film is set against the backdrop of Ryme City, where not only Pokemon live together with humans like real life pets, but fighting Pokemon is illegal too. If you are new to a Pokemon universe, here are some quick fillings – he is a cute, little yellow furry creature. In his previous film avatars, he could only say his name. But the director Rob Letterman has tweaked that part in his film, allowing this Pokemon to be a motormouth instead. He is witty and stylish (we can’t not mention his pretty deerstalker hat). While fans are addicted to his cuteness, this tiny rodent is obsessed with coffee.

Tim Goodman, charmingly played by Justice Smith, is a 21-year-old ex-Pokemon trainer who has lost both his parents. As he discovers that his detective father was killed in a suspicious accident, he gets curious and despite hating Pokemon joins hands with Pikachu to solve the mystery. Interestingly, Pikachu was Tim’s father’s Pokemon assistant but has lost his memory now. Another fascinating thing is that unlike other Pokemon in the movie, this one can talk and only Tim can understand him.

As we conclude, we would like to give a pat on the back of that person who came up with the idea of roping in Ryan Reynolds in the film, as the fluffy Pikachu saying his dialogues in his voice is indeed the most entertaining thing in the movie.