Cube World Beta To Kick Off On Steam Next Week; Here’s How To Access It

Cube World Beta To Kick Off On Steam Next Week; Here's How To Access It

Bought into Cube World when it was released back in 2013? Great if you did!

We informed you last week that the German studio Picroma made an announcement, confirming that their open world role-playing game Cube World is all set to come to Steam now, and probably very soon! In fact, in the next month or two. Developer Wolfram von Funck said that the title will be out “hopefully around the end of September/October 2019.” That will be four years after it was taken down from sale from the digital platform.

The latest update is that ahead of its official launch, Cube World will hold a closed beta next week. The beta kicks off on September 23, and unfortunately for many, it will be limited to Alpha players only. So basically, if currently you don’t have Alpha access to the existing iteration of the title, then you won’t be able to indulge in the closed beta experience. For those who own the Alpha version will receive their Steam key from their Picroma account.

Here’s how you can access the Cube World closed beta on Steam –

  •  Log into you Picorama Account
  • Go to My Games
  • Go to the option to get your Steam key
  • Go to Steam and redeem the code

The upcoming game, as per von Funck, “is basically Cube World 2.0.” A Steam page for the game is already live, packed with all the key details about the title.