Cube World To Finally Release On Steam Six Years After Alpha

Cube World To Finally Release On Steam Six Years After Alpha

Finally, it’s happening!

Flashback 2013 – After the paid alpha launch of Cube World way back in July six years ago, developer Wolfram von Funck announced in October that year that the final version of the voxel-based, procedurally-generated action-RPG was being worked upon and would be released soon. It was followed by a long silence until von Funck made a similar claim in June 2014. Silence again… this time, for a much longer period. Until recently, to be precise.

Cut to 2019 – German studio Picroma has made a recent announcement, confirming that their open world role-playing game Cube World is all set to come to Steam now, and probably very soon! In fact, in the next month or two. The company said that the title will be out “hopefully around the end of September/October 2019.” That will be four years after it was taken down from sale from the digital platform.

Everyone who hears the announcement for the first time wonders as to what took the makers so long. Well, von Funck explains in a recent personal post on the old Cube World development blog thus, “When I released Cube World back in 2013 on our homepage, I was enthusiastic to finally share my game with you. It was a dream come true for me, I wanted to be a game developer since I was a kid.”

“As some of you might remember, we got DDoS’ed as soon as we opened the shop. It might sound silly, but this event traumatized me and kind of broke something inside me. I never told anyone about it, and I don’t want to go into the details, but I’m dealing with anxiety and depression ever since. Social media didn’t improve it, as you might imagine. I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea to tell the world about it, but I wanted to give the fans an explanation.”

The upcoming version, as per von Funck, “is basically Cube World 2.0.” A Steam page for the game is already live, packed with all the key details about the title.

Check out the gameplay video for Cube World –

Cube World will be out on Steam somewhere around the end of September or October this year. A price for the same is yet to be revealed. Those who own the alpha version will get a Steam key. However, it is no longer available for purchase.