Gears 5 Has A Level That’s 50 Times Bigger Than Any Previous Gears Of War Level

Gears 5 Has A Level That's 50 Times Bigger Than Any Previous Gears Of War Level

The big release of the upcoming third-person shooter video game Gears 5 is just around the corner. All set to hit the markets next week, the title has already begun making waves in the gaming circles and post its pre-load went live past weekend, the excitement levels have gone up manifold as the gaming enthusiasts await the servers to go live now.

And we are here to add to the craze with the latest update! Well, according to Rod Fergusson, Studio Head at The Coalition, Gears 5 boasts of the biggest single player campaign in the entire history of Gears of War franchise, offering gigantic open-ended levels.

While sharing some new details about Gears 5 during a panel at PAX West in Seattle recently, Fergusson underlined that at least one map in the upcoming game is going to be 50 times larger than any previous Gears map.

“What players will see in Act 2 and Act 3 of the campaign is that you’ll be able to use the Skiff to traverse the largest levels we’ve ever built. You know, in some cases, the levels are 50-times bigger than any previous Gears level,” Fergusson explained.

Discussing about various new features added to Gears 5, Fergusson talked about Jack, a companion bot that floats around and provides several benefits that players will unlock over the course of the campaign. He also shared that Jack can heal players, cloak them, and even assist them during fights.

Published by Xbox Game Studios, Gears 5 will release on September 10 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.