Now Park Your Tesla To Play An Exciting In-Car Chess Game

Last we talked about Tesla and its in-car gaming app – Arcade, we informed you that post announcing at the E3 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk added a new in-car racing video game to its vehicle systems. The game was called Beach Buggy Racing 2, which made it to the collection of games that could be played on the car. It is a Mario Kart-like game, produced by Vector Unit. It is available on the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 of Tesla.

If you are not in the know, let us tell you that the Arcade feature was first introduced to Tesla at the E3 gaming conference held in June this year. You can now have access to an Arcade button situated at the new bottom menu on the main screen – which offers a collection of video games on Tesla.

The electric car maker’s newest addition to the Tesla Arcade is a super fun and thrilling title – Chess! And its teaser video is just as amazing as the game itself.

The video interestingly showcases a western-looking driver indulged in the gameplay in a field, and we quite liked the concept of the promotional teaser.

You can either play against other passengers in the car, or against the car, or even watch the car play against itself. Of course, you can play the game only while the vehicle is parked.