Watch: 15 Minutes Of Luigi’s Mansion 3 Co-Op Gameplay Footage

Watch: 15 Minutes Of Luigi's Mansion 3 Co-Op Gameplay Footage

Drop everything you may be doing and check out the new 15-minute co-op gameplay with developer commentary!

As the Halloween release date for the upcoming action-adventure video game Luigi’s Mansion 3 gets closer, gaming enthusiasts seem to be getting extremely excited for what’s in store for them. And by dropping little pieces of the title every so often, Nintendo makes sure to keep building up the excitement.

The company has recently released a brand new video on its official YouTube channel, showcasing 15 minutes of co-op gameplay footage, complete with developer commentary. Check out right here –

The co-op gameplay looks pretty fun, doesn’t it? It shows Nintendo Minute co-hosts, Kit and Krista, play through the Castle stage in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Add to that, we have the developer commentary by Bryce Holliday, Luigi’s Mansion 3 Creative Director, giving some interesting insights into design concepts and strategies the team undertook while developing the game. Holliday also spills the beans about how the title took inspiration from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (released in 2013) with its in-game collectibles and themed floors.

The sequel to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will feature the more cowardly of the Mario brothers, and yes, he is taller and greener now. This time, Luigi and his gooey doppelgänger Gooigi will be out to explore the haunted Last Resort Hotel in a chase to their friends.

You can either switch between the two characters or have a friend play as Gooigi. Interestingly, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will have a multiplayer mode called ScareScraper, which allows up to eight people to play together online.

The game is set to release on October 31.