Watch: Nintendo To Launch A Mysterious Switch Accessory On September 12

Watch: Nintendo To Launch A Mysterious Switch Accessory On September 12

The makers are claiming to offer us a “new experience” with it, and we can’t keep calm!

Nintendo has recently teased to bring a mysterious new accessory to its Switch console, and we must admit that we are totally intrigued!

Revealed in an entertaining video, this upcoming accessory looks quite fascinating – a flexible ring that has slots for the Joy-Cons. So far as the functionality of this piece is concerned, the video showcases that a user requires to fit the Joy-Con controllers on it and make some physical movements in order to enjoy a “new experience” of gaming. We also notice some sort of a strap accompanying the ring that can be attached around a leg.

The video shows various families from around the world having a taste of the fun wheel. We see people playing with it, squeezing it, indulging in yoga with it, holding it like a steering wheel and rotating it in various postures.

“Here’s a first look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch,” reads Nintendo’s official description below the video. Check out the video right here.

No other information about this forthcoming accessory including what it will be called is known at the moment. The world of gaming will have to have some patience until September 12 when Nintendo has planned to officially launch it.

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